Thanks for checking out my site! My name is Thomas Cochrane, freelance musician and audio engineer. This website offers my portfolio where you can check out all projects I’ve been part of in the last few years. I’m currently available for any kind of (studio)recording, mixing and live audio production as well as session work on guitar, bass, trumpet and trombone. Just send me a message!

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About me

Music is a second nature to me: I’ve been playing music for 25 years, starting on trumpet in Dixieland jazz with my dad, a Tower of Power/funk/soul cover band and a marching band. In the same marching band I picked up the trombone too and nowadays I even play these instruments in my progressive metal band Hologram Earth and atmospheric black metal band Dystopia. I’m also an experienced player on the bass and guitar in the most divergent genres of music ranging from Top 40 covers to HipHop and Metal
Being this engaged with music is how I rolled into getting a degree in Audio Engineering. Starting at making backing tracks for artist during my first internship, I really got into recording, mixing and acoustics during my 2nd and 3rd intern period at E-Sound Studios. Up to this day, this is my go to place for recording bands.

My large network of musicians allows me to connect musicians with each other to achieve the best results. Working with me means you can count on a professional opinion about your music and technical insights to make it sound just the way you want. Overall, I’m a professional and enthusiastic creator of specific sounds for bands, musicians and productions in all genres.

Recording, mixing and mastering

My activities involve recording, mixing and mastering. When recording, I capture the band’s performance into the specific sound they are looking for. Whether or not instruments are recorded together depends on the genre of the music, as well as the skill and budget of the band/artist.
After recording I’ll look for the right balance in the song. My goal in the mixing process is to help the artists achieve the sound they strive for. I prefer to make the music sound authentic, roomy and real over an over-produced product, however, this is all up to the artist of course.
The last step in the production process is mastering, which is for most people the most abra-cadabra of the whole production. Mastering nowadays consists of tweaking the final mix for playback on hi-fi speaker sets as well as headphones and phone speakers, bringing it to a  commercially acceptable level in terms of loudness and preparing it for online distribution or CD and Vinyl production. Like with my mixing, I like to keep the music as dynamic as possible instead of only making it loud. After all, that’s what your volume knob is for!


If needed, I can offer my services as a session musician on the trumpet, bass guitar, guitar, trombone and now also tuba. Either I write my own parts to fit into your music or you write them for me and I’ll be happy to perform and record them.

FOH engineer

Bands can rely on me when they need an experienced live sound engineer to take care of the front of house sound. I make sure I know their music, interpret the sound to a live setting and use my know-how to adjust it to the conditions of the concert hall.

Live broadcasting

This includes all activities involved with live broadcasting and streaming, such as doing the broadcast mix, setting up intercoms for the production team, hearback and in-ear monitoring for the talents and Technical Operations Management of the production set.